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Innsbruck is the capital of winter Olympic games. Being the main city on Tyrol land in Austria, Innsbruck is demanded for all year long as a ski resort, and as a place that is interested by its historical monuments, landscapes and clear mountain air of Alps.

Here you can find lots of entertaining things. The city itself is a real gem of architecture. One of the most spectacular sights  is the golden roof. It is a symbol of this city. The roof was erected at the end of the XV century from 2657 sheets of copper, coated with a layer of gold. It still pleases tourists with its brilliance.

In the old town guide yourself by the old Town Hall. You will notice the spire of the 56-meter height. On the other side of the street you will see Helblinghaus, Cathedral of St. Jacob. Nearby princely residence of the Hofburg XV is situated. It would be necessary to visit the department of the National Museum of Tyrol - Ferdinandeum. Here you will find original paintings by Rembrandt and many great works of art of Austrian masters.

Outside the city Renaissance castle  Ambras, the former residence of the rulers of the Tyrol in the XVI century, was preserved in excellent condition. In the gallery of the castle you can find famous paintings  by Titian, Rubens, Cranach and Van Dyck.

Even if you're not a fan of skiing you should definitely climb to Bergisel - the main hill of the city. You will not see such scenery anywhere else. At the same time check the exposition of Tyrolean Alpine zoo which possess more than 150 species of animals and birds. And there is much more to see in Innsbruck!

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