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The real pride of Austria is Carinthia. It is a lakeland with a diamond bulk of excellent water resorts. Its majestic capital - Klagenfurt can be justly called faceted diamond in the frame of one of the largest and most beautiful Carinthian lakes - Wörthersee. This lake is famous for its warm drinking water.

Surrounded by lakes, the city of Klagenfurt prepossess to itself with an abundance of greenery. Well-developed infrastructure, the ancient part of the city, lots of entertainment – all of these makes Klagenfurt one of the most favorite places visited by tourists.

The city is famous for its architecture and it is being a source of inspiration for many modern architects. Old Klagenfurt is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. It has been awarded the diploma «Europa nostra» for the maintenance and restoration of cultural objects for three times. It contains most of the city's attractions - a building Landhauza (the administration of Carinthia), Town Hall, the city's cathedral and others. There is a fountain with a sculpture of a dragon "Lindwurm" in the Old Town Square. According to the popular belief, in a local lake there was a dragon. He hold at awe all the neighborhoods until the hero came who defeated him and brought the long-awaited freedom to citizens. It is a symbol of Klagenfurt. One of the oldest buildings of Klagenfurt - House gilded goose (1489g). It was built for the emperor Maximilian I. The Emperor presented the house to the city.

You should definitely visit the amusement park "Minimundus". It's kind of a world in miniature. There are almost 200 architectural masterpieces from different countries made in 1:25 scale. There you will transform into a giant and in a few hours make a round trip to Venice, Moscow, London, Vienna, Paris and other cities. From the height of your height you and other visitors will be able to see how ships and trains are moving by your feet.


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