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The city of Linz is the capital of upper Austria. It is 3rd by size city in the country. The name of the city was formed from ancient Rome name Kastell Lentia. Linz was founded in 410 A.D. It also was a very important military object on the border with germans. The centre of Linz was built at 17-18 centuries in the baroque style.

Narrow paved winding streets, ancient walls, cozy promenade, brightly colored half-timbered buildings. Half-timbered construction- is a type of building structure, in which the carrier serves as the basis for the spatial section of the inclined wooden beams. In Linz everything breathes with history: the medieval town hall, wide squares, unusual fountains and deftly wielding the oven glassmakers. All of this is perfectly preserved and lovingly restored. This makes Linz one of the most attractive and popular tourist cities in the Middle Rhine.

The main part of the city is the Hauptplatts square. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in Austria. In the centre of it there is a 20-meter column of the Holy Trinity. St. Martin’s Church – is one of the oldest Austrian churches that are still working.  Once at her place was a religious building of the Celts. During the excavations a hall with pillars, which is the part of the royal dwelling of Carolingians was found. Inside the churches there are stones with inscriptions made by the Romans and the ancient oven. Furthermore, pay your attention to the picture Volto Santo de Lucca. It depicts the face of Christ the Savior. And of course, it is necessary to visit the castle of Linz (Schloss). In the 15th century here was the residence of Frederick III. Mozart house museum, the museum Lontes and much more.

The main attraction of the urban landscape is the mountain Pёstlinberg with Pilgrim Church, located on the top. Ypu can reach the top by the steepest in the world of railway, built in 1898. From the Pёstlinberg mountain you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city.

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