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If you will have a chance to travel around Germany, then you should definitely visit one of the oldest cities in Europe, the capital of Bavaria Munich. There first of all go to Old Town. In the centre of it you will find Marienplatz square. The square got its name from marble statue of Virgin Mary, who is considered to be the patron of the city. The city hall, the former building of city government stands at the square. It is all decorated with figures of dukes, kings and saints. The crown of the hall is the main tower 85 meters high. It is better to know when to come to see city hall, as at 11 am, 12 pm and 5 pm you can see the whole performance on the tower clock! When clock strikes, figures are starting to move. By the way, they don’t look big because of the tower’s height but in fact they are as high as a real person. Try not to miss this show as it is really worth it! Here you can also admire the St. Peter’s Cathedral- the oldest church in the city. Next to it there is a church of a Holy Spirit that was built approximately at the same time but later redone in Baroque style.

On the other side of the square there are old Isartor gates with two towers. While walking around the square, you will see most amazing buildings of Old Town: Asamkirche Cathedral, two-towered church of Holy Virgin, that is situated at the Frauenplatz square.

While in Munich you should also see Erzbischofliches and Prayzing palaces and Frauenkirche Cathedral. A wonderful legend is connected with this cathedral. It says that devil itself tried to destroy it but his plans failed as all saints stand up for cathedral’s protection. You can even see a track, left by devil by his tail and clutches.

People all over the world know Bavarian beer! The oldest pub Hofbrauhaus was founded in XVI century. And if you won’t try Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Spaten, Lowenbrau, Hofbrau or Augustiner beer it will be the biggest offense to Munich citizens! But the best time is Oktoberfest! If you are a big lover of this golden drink, then you should visit Munich at least because of it. This is like a pilgrimage to beer paradise.

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