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Nuremberg (Nürnberg) - is the second largest (about 600 000 people) city in Bavaria (after Munich) and 14th in Germany. It is the largest economic and cultural center of Franconia and its symbolic capital. It is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany. Nuremberg is a modern city, full of life, where the historic past creates a special atmosphere and comfort and invites to explore everything around. The city's name translates as rocky mountain. There are lots of places to see in the Old Town. In order to see everything, you have walk along the "Historical Mile of Nuremberg" - a popular tourist route, laid in 2000, when the city celebrated its 950th anniversary. As the city Nuremberg was first mentioned in 1021.

The town stands on the river, which is divided into a plurality of channels in the Old Town. On the hill above the river there is an ancient castle, that was a former residence of German kings and played a big role for the Holy Roman Empire.

The historical path takes you through the oldest street of the town-  Königstraße, from the Royal Gate with a huge observation tower to the church of Saint Marta. On your way you will see the largest museum of history and culture of the country - German National Museum. Next: The biggest church in Nuremberg (St. Lorenz), Hauptmarkt square with 17-meter sculptural composition fountain Shёne Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) and the famous clock "Maenleynlaufen" , dating back to the beginning of the XVI century.

Be sure to visit toys’ museum, where there are exhibits of all eras from the different cultures, the house-museum of the famous painter Albrecht Dürer (1471- 1528), who lived and worked here in the era of the German Renaissance, brewing and transport museums.

In 1927, in Nuremberg, the first congress of the fascist National Socialist Workers' Party (NSDAP) took place. In 1935 Nuremberg racial laws that completely excluded Jews from public life were published. City in 1945-1949  was famous for Nuremberg trials over war criminals. The world's first pocket watch and the first globe were also produced in Nuremberg. Even before the discovery of America in the late XV century great toys were being done here, marvelous books were printed, famous sausages were cooked. Informal nickname of Nuremberg is Dyurershtadt, the city of gingerbread. Nuremberg is a city, where are lots of things to see and where you will learn lots of interesting information.

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